How to organize a car trip to learn a lot of new things and avoid problems during the trip

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Visiting by means of vehicle is perhaps the safest and most low cost way to trade the surroundings these days. You could visit the woodland, discover a united states seaside in which there are not such a lot of people and discover places close to Moscow that you could not get to. We determine out the way to prepare for this type of trip and which course to choose.

How to prepare for your trip

Make sure the machine is working

Before any massive experience – and even greater so earlier than a large trip by means of car – you want to ensure that the automobile is in properly technical situation. Drop into the provider, run diagnostics, take a look at all fluids – alternate if they’re already stale. On the road, be sure to take a spare tire (recall the lock, if any), a jack, a towing cable. Take a look at the stability on your cellphone, connect the bundle with the net whilst travelling round Russia – it’ll are available available to your favourite navigation software.

Take care of safety

Frequently deal with the interior of the auto with antiseptics – mainly those parts that you often touch: keys, gearbox, steerage wheel, door handles. Put a deliver of scientific mask, gloves, and disinfectants in the automobile. Deliver desire to contactless services – these days you cannot only pay with a card at fuel stations, toll roads, and car washes, but additionally refuel without leaving your automobile, and even take out insurance remotely.

Think about a snack and an overnight stay

Think about what else will are available in accessible on the road: water, strength liquids, snacks (snacks in individual programs and sweets are excellent). Consider great sun shades and an infinite playlist of your favourite tune. Be sure to devise a path with stops and an in a single day stay – auto travel should be amusing, no longer a test.

Where to go

“i’d advise you to first move on a one-day journey, pick a not very long course – two hundred–300 kilometers according to day,” says Valery Britaus, co-founding father of the street. Travel carrier. His organisation changed into based two years in the past and first specialized in compiling lengthy overseas itineraries for street trips. As a part of its participation inside the StartupDrive accelerator from Gazprom Neft, the startup began operating on plans for brief journeys from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now at the internet site of the service, you may find a hundred thirty routes from the capitals, different cities will soon seem, especially Sochi and Krasnodar.

For those who want to spend the weekend as far far from people as viable, Valeriy Britaus recommends taking note of the “uninhabited nature” class. You can go for more than one days to the Romantsev mountains of the Tula vicinity and examine the alien landscape of the former coal pit. You could visit Meshchera’s dense forests, wherein, in step with legend, the Nightingale the Robber lived. For people who are equipped to spend a week on the road, the founding father of the service recommends a six-day route via nature reserves with visits to wild beaches and forests.

If you make a decision to create a direction yourself, first select the locations you would like to visit. Make a map and mark on it now not handiest museums and parks but also interesting cafes, points with a stunning panoramic view. Calculate how long it’ll take you to move and what course can be premiere. Mark gasoline stations and motels wherein you will spend the night on it.

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